About us

IALGD is a private law practice in Tbilisi, Georgia focusing on aviation, corporate and finance matters.

Our goal is to provide our clients with commercially valuable and legally sound advice.





We regularly advise clients on international aviation, corporate and finance transactions.
Whether the matter at hand concerns entering into a new transaction, restructuring an existing relationship or managing a dispute, we ensure that the commercial goals of our clients are met within a legally secure context.
Our inhouse and consulting experience as well as industry knowledge allows us to be empathetic towards the client’s business needs


We advise owners, sellers, buyers, lessors, lessees, financiers, security providers, operators and charter brokers on a wide range of issues relating to private and commercial aviation. We assist clients with:

- sale and purchase transactions concerning new and used jets and helicopters, airframes, engines and high-value components, including back-to-back transactions, purchase of beneficial interest in owner trusts and distressed assets acquisition

- aircraft finance transactions: finance and operating leases, conditional sale and purchase transactions, sale and purchase deals with pre- and post-delivery payment arrangements, mortgages and other related security instruments

- fractional ownership: structured through joint/fractional title to the aircraft, SPV-equity or contractual jet-sharing arrangements

- commercial arrangements: ACMI arrangements, passenger and cargo charter agreements, charter broker services agreements with operators and owners

- sanctions: advising on sanctions-related issues of aircraft transactions, managing compliance clearance of aircraft with manufacturers and service providers


We advise founders, shareholders, equity investors and managers on a wide array of corporate matters, including venture capital and other private equity investments, corporate governance issues and restructuring as well as general commercial matters.

- venture capital: seed and round A investments, including structuring, drafting and negotiating transaction documents as well as advising parties on matters of contractual performance

- joint ventures: shareholder agreements, inter-shareholder relationships, exits (including sale of shares to existing shareholders and third parties)

- corporate governance: corporate procedures including approval of transactions, appointment of managers and formation of governing bodies, management options, termination of managers (including founders and other shareholders)

- restructuring: changes to corporate structure on a holding company level, operational changes, spin-offs


We provide advice to financing parties, investors, borrowers and security providers on a wide range of financing transactions including loans, security and quasi-security instruments, inter-creditor arrangements. Our experience includes:

- debt financing: bilateral and syndicated loans, cross-border security packages including security over shares, movable assets and real estate, guarantees, retention of title agreements, subordination agreements and various forms inter-creditor agreements

- convertible loans: convertible loans entered into at various stages of venture capital financings, existing debt-to-equity conversions

- debt restructuring: changes to financing parties and obligors, amendments to transaction terms, substitution to, and release of, collateral


George Darasselia 

IALGD | Partner 

E-mail: [email protected]

Tel: +995 591 158 153

George is an international corporate finance lawyer based in Tbilisi. Having spent more than ten years as a lawyer with various businesses and international law firms, George started IALGD, his private practice focusing on aviation, corporate and finance matters.

He regularly advises clients on financing transactions, such as domestic and international loans, related security packages and quasi-security instruments, intercreditor arrangements and enforcement issues. He also advises investors and startups on debt and equity investments as well as corporate restructuring matters. 

George has also been part of numerous restructurings of existing transactions, representing the lenders, borrowers, security providers and “white-knight” investors on amendments to the finance and related security documentation.

George’s main industry focus is transport. He has been a part of numerous transactions concerning aircraft and vessels, from pleasure yachts and private jets to wide-body commercial aircraft. He regularly provides adviсe to sellers, purchasers, owners, financiers, brokers and operators on all issues arising in relation to sale and purchase, leasing, mortgage-secured financing, ownership, registration, operation and re-possession of aircraft and vessels. 

Selected representative engagements

– a private investor on a loan provided by an investment fund for the purpose of financing of the acquisition of an English company accompanied with a put and call option in relation to the shares and a cash-settled option with the shares and the loan as an underlying asset 

– private investors in restructuring their debt investments in a US-based startup and further debt/equity conversion

– multiple private investors on restructuring their investments in a cryptocurrency issued by an international messaging services company

– a HNWI on the restructuring of a finance lease agreement and related security documentation with an international bank concerning a private jet

– an international broker on a purchase of six commercial aircraft from a lessor following a default by the lessee, release of third-party security and subsequent sale of the aircraft

– an investment fund on a term facility provided to it by a multilateral institution for the purpose of financing of the acquisition of an IT company in India

– several syndicates of international banks on two series of restructurings of pre-export facilities provided to a major coal producer*

– a major CIS bank on a number of loans in the aggregate amount of $500m to a leading  international gold producer*

* – matters handled prior to IALGD